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Protecting our Whangamata Harbour

Te tiaki i te whanga o Whangamata

Working together to keep our harbour healthy

Since 1997, Whangamata volunteers have been striving to keep Whangamata Harbour in a healthy state, so that future generations can keep enjoying it.

The group has now expanded their efforts to support all biodiversity in the harbour, which includes birds, fish species, plants and other living matter.

And everyone can help - whether it be pest control, mangrove control, environmental restoration, or protecting all native flora and fauna - there is something you can do.


Sign up now to become a member, and help support a healthy harbour for generations to come.

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Help our Harbour.

Your biggest gift to the harbour, is signing up to be a member. From here, it gives us a good base to get feedback, opinions, and the 'call to arms' when we need it.

There is always a need for volunteers to run the predator trap lines - and if this interests you, sign up, and reach out to  Roselle on 0274 951 761.

Help keep our harbour healthy.

Join Us - Become a Member

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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