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About Us

Set up in 1997, concerned Whangamata citizens have banded together, and spent thousands of hours in Whangamata's harbour and estuaries repairing the damage we have inflicted on our environment.


Local volunteers and members of our group have removed rubbish, controlled vermin, planted native flora, and removed mangrove seedlings - plus much more, in order to protect the biodiversity of our harbour.

If this work hadn't taken place, our harbours and estuaries would look radically different. Clogged with mangroves and mud to a much greater extent.

Wharf pic users.jpg
Wharf pic users.jpg

Our Vision

Our vision is of a healthy sustainable harbour and estuarine environment of mutual benefit to native flora and fauna, and the people of Whangamata.

"This means a nice, safe, clean harbour and estuary - with birds, fish and clean water. Just like the old days - for us to enjoy now and into the future."

Our Objectives

Our purpose is to deliver on the following:

  • Protect and restore the natural environmental values.

  • Control invasive species.

  • Restore and maintain the amenity values of the harbour.

  • Educate and advocate for the community.

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  • Advocating for stronger land management actions to reduce inputs of sediments, pollutants and nutrients into the harbour.

  • Construction of a safe disturbance-free high tide roost for wading birds to replace former sites lost to mangrove incursion and increased human activities.


  • Controlling invasive species (primarily introduced predators and mangroves) which threaten the natural biodiversity, and the existing recreational and amenity values.

  • Cleaning up rubbish and foreign matter from waterways, harbour and estuarine environments.

  • Undertaking educational programmes through schools, media and open days.


  • Supporting and encouraging local authorities in their legislative responsibilities and advocating for strengthened legal measures where necessary.


  • Seeking funds from sponsorship, grants, subscriptions and donations.

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