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Volunteer Action

There's always something that you can do. Not all of it needs to be organised. But it's more fun when it is!


We do have a number of upcoming projects that will require some volunteer work, so become a member and you'll be the first to know.

Pest Control

This team is always looking for keen volunteers to run their bait and trap lines. Does this interest you?


Hetherington Road Reserve

We are always seeking out volunteers for ongoing weeding and mulching maintenance. Keep in the loop by joining us on Facebook, and becoming a member.

Planting a Tree

Backyard Trapping

Control the pests in your own backyard!  This will help our bird and native plant life. We have a range of traps that are easy and clean to use - so contact Lyn at, and she will take you through it all. 


Mangrove Seedling Removal

Lawful permitted activity to remove seedlings is between 31 March - 31 August. You can pluck or cut them by hand, and remove them from the coastal marine area (by mulching, composting, or green waste). WHC will inform members of any organised group activity to remove seedlings.

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Rubbish Collection

There's always rubbish in and around your harbour. Please pick up any you see.

Collecting Rubbish

Cat & Dog Awareness

We love our pets - and we love seeing them roam and play. But please be mindful, there are certain times of the year when our harbour birds are breeding and nesting, and should be left, undisturbed. This is usually Spring and Summer, so please try and keep your dogs and cats under control.

Dog's Portrait
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