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Our Team.

Our team makes up a committee of 12 people, however it is much greater than that.  We are so grateful for the support and advice we get from Terry Walker (Council Representative), Dr Brian Coffey (Scientist), and Che Kranenburg (Engineer), plus all past team members, who have dedicated their time and efforts in creating a healthier harbour.

The Committee

The committee meets on a monthly basis, to update the group in their respective areas, and to bring up any new issues. There is alot of behind-the-scenes activity - advocating for the health of  the harbour to Councillors, landowners and users, environmental scientists, and so forth, plus reports and monitoring.

Kerry Gibbs_edited.jpg

Kerry Gibbs

Committee Chairman

Sue Watson.jpg

Sue Watson

Memberships & Education

John Adams_edited.jpg

John Adams


Ian Feasey_edited_edited.jpg

Ian Feasey

Harbour Support Team


Lyn Norris


Susie Artz.heic

Susie Artz

Marketing & PR


Graeme Webb

Harbour Support Team


Mark Drury

Harbour Support Team


Sue Priest


20211125_194842371_iOS 1.jpg

Roselle Gould & Dave Beatty

Pest Control Team

John Spencer_edited.jpg

John Spencer

Mangroves Team Leader

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