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What We Do​

Over the past 200 years, human habitation has changed the place we live in. Little thought was given to the effects of changing the coastline and harbours.

As a result, nutrients and soil deposits has changed the habitat for flora and fauna. Historical accounts and photos show an almost clean and mangrove free, Whangamata Harbour and estuaries.

Sand has been replaced by mud. If no maintenance was carried out, in these last 30 years, (such as mangrove seedling removal), our harbour, would be choked in 10 years.

Predator control has resulted in dramatic changes to our bird population. The nesting birds, their eggs and young chicks have increased in numbers and have a greater change of becoming breeding adults when predator control is carried out.

We target stoats, rats, possums and hedgehogs. Fifteen members of our group maintain a GPS plotted string of traps and bait stations, helping to reduce these predators.


The work is not without its challenges.  We are always looking for new volunteers. Can you help?

What We Do

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