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Our Work

Here are some of our main projects, we are actively working on.

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Pest Control

Roselle & Dave lead a strong team of trappers and bait lines around the harbour edge. Find out why their work is so important, and how you can help too.


Mangrove Management

The current consent conditions are much too restrictive for such an invasive seedling problem. We raise a whole number of dialogues with Council regarding to managing mangroves better, so they don't kill our harbour. Read some of the issues we are dealing with.

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High Tide Wader Roost

This is a new and exciting project, that is sadly long overdue. Bird gurus, Dr Brian Coffey and John Adams, are heading up a special roost, to help migratory birds.



Town development, forestry and farming practices have been the largest contributors to sedimentation settling into our harbour, which has exacerbated the expansion of mangrove forests.  We're taking an active role to  build awareness of this issue to these land users.




Sue Watson, is in touch with the local schools so that our future generation understand the intricacies and balance of the harbour.  Without the support and understanding of our kids, this resource will be lost forever. 



Riparian Planting

We're leading the planting for a new community project - along the Hetherington Road reserve. With $20,000+ from the TCDC Community Fund, and plants being donated by Waikato Regional Council. Come and help us!

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