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Pest Control


Predator Control in Whangamata​




What We Do:

With currently 15 Volunteers, we visit 16 Trap/Bait lines on a regular basis.

Our work involves replacing lures in traps, removing dead predators and replenishing baits in enclosed bait stations - fortnightly or as required.  We target Rats, Possums, Stoats, Weasels and Hedgehogs.  I'm sorry, we do not target rabbits! 

Our Team:

WHC Pest Control Volunteers 2020 _edited.jpg

Above W.H.C. Predator Control Volunteers 2020

Support & Funding:

Our team of volunteers receives funding via community grants from TCDC, to reduce predators on Parks and Reserves managed by TCDC that are surrounding the Whangamata Harbour and the mouth of the Otahu Estuary. 

We receive support from the Waikato Regional Council (WRC) with Doc 200 traps and advice. We report back to WRC with predator numbers trapped on land managed by WRC including the Tairua Bypass road. 

We also receive donations and support from private landowners to manage predator numbers on private properties and the Titoki Golf Course.

How Many Pests Have We Trapped?

Become a Trapper too!

You can make a big difference to the native bush, bird life, skinks, frogs and insects ( like Weta ) by installing and managing a trap in your own backyard.

Buy a trap through us, and we are happy to supply and install them on your property.


Choose from:

  • Timms Traps for possums - $90

  • Doc 200 Traps for Stoats, Weasels, Rats and Hedgehogs  - $120

  • Black enclosed Philproff bait stations for Rats and Mice  - $30.

Pay direct into Whangamata Harbour Care's bank account:

 Bank Account Number: 02-1254-0030458-00

 Reference: Add in your surname and "Traps" 

 Send Roselle a txt for a trap on phone 0274 951 761

Our Aims

Read more for what we plan to achieve in 2021/2022.

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