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Environment Education & Advocacy

This is a page where we hope to share some insights into our little part of the world. Thoughts that might provoke you. Thoughts that may incite action. Thoughts that you might take some knowledge or awareness from.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." 
Nelson Mandela

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How to Train your Cat....

When we're learning more about our environment and all the species that live in it, how can we keep both our beloved pets safe, as well as our precious wildlife?


Watch this quick video, of how a loved cat feels happy enough to stay at home.

A biofilter, and it creates biodiversity

Imagine if you could turn seaweed into a bio plastic? Could 

commercially growing seaweed, help create biodiversity in

our harbours?


Watch how seaweed is making big waves in the Netherlands.


If you've got a school project coming up, and you'd like to work with Whangamata Harbour Care - get in touch with our Education Advisor, Sue Watson. 

Sue Watson

021 028 82326

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