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Feet in Water

Riparian Planting


Ongoing Weeding & Mulching

Hetherington Road Reserve

Wednesdays and Saturdays, 1pm

Bring a trowel, gardening gloves - and other comforts to

make gardening enjoyable!

Last updated 20 June 2023. Organised activity to continue until July 2023.

Restoring Native Habitat on Harbour Edge

A special project that started in August 2022, is the restoration of a strip of land bordering the harbour, on the Hetherington Road reserve (opposite Firth yard). 

This was a mound of overgrown pest weeds and exposed waste concrete of bygone days.  But with the partnership of TCDC, Waikato Regional Council and Whangamata Harbour Care, restoring native values back to this shoreline is now underway.

The community has got behind this, including local businesses, Whangamata Area School, and members of the public. The aim of the project is to create a beneficial habitat for harbour birds and insect life, and decrease pest weeds and animals.


Whangamata Harbour Care have an extensive trapping and baiting program, that runs around the whole of the Whangamata harbour and it’s upper estuary, with its objective of restoring bird numbers in and around the harbour.


If you'd like to be involved in the ongoing maintenance of this area, please keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page (#Whangamata Harbour Care), and sign up to our member's newsletter. We'd love to see you!

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